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CALDER Conversation

CALDER Conversations: Tenure Reform

Tenure and tenure reform are in the news of late given the Vergara decision in CA and similar efforts challenging tenure laws in NY. This CALDER conversation covers some of the issues surrounding tenure and research that speaks to how tenure reforms might play out in practice.

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CALDER Conversations: Test-Based Measures of Teacher Effectiveness

The use of student test-based measures of teacher effectiveness in personnel decisions, such as tenure, is controversial. It is a major bone of contention in the current Chicago teacher strike. The conversation here focuses on the uses, value, and limitations of these measures, often called value-added measures. CALDER working papers that have contributed to this area of inquiry are listed below the conversations. Click on the pictures for information about each author.

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CALDER Conversations: Evaluating Teacher Training Programs

Presumably one of the ways to increase teacher effectiveness – the most important factor affecting student achievement -- is through improved pre-service teacher training. Over 1500 programs in the country currently provide pre-service training for teachers. We know little, however, about the effectiveness of these programs and, more importantly, there is little consensus on the best way to measure TTP effectiveness. CALDER has produced four working papers examining pre-service teacher training programs (TTPs).

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Plain Talk with Harry Holzer

Harry Holzer

Harry Holzer—Co-Principal Investigator of the CALDER postsecondary initiative, AIR Senior Research Fellow, and Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University, answers our questions about CALDER postsecondary research.

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Plain Talk with Douglas Harris

Douglas Harris

Douglas Harris—CALDER research collaborator, associate professor of educational policy studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of Value-Added Measures in Education: What Every Educator Needs to Know—answers our questions about value-added measures.

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Plain Talk with Susanna Loeb: The effect of multiple paths to teaching in New York City schools

Susanna Loeb

Susanna Loeb — is a member of the CALDER management team and oversees the study of New York  schools as a CALDER Principal Investigator. She is associate professor of education at Stanford University and directs the University's Institute for Research on Education Policy and Practice.

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Plain Talk with Eric Hanushek: How interpretations of FERPA are inhibiting research

Eric Hanushek

Eric Hanushek — member of the CALDER management team, is leading the study of Texas schools. He is also the Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.

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Plain Talk with Helen "Sunny" Ladd: The importance of teacher credentials

Helen Ladd

Helen (Sunny) Ladd — is a member of CALDER's Management Team and leads the North Carolina effort. She is the Edgar Thompson Professor of Public Policy Studies in the Sanford Institute of Public Policy Studies and Professor of Economics at Duke University.

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Plain Talk with Jane Hannaway: An introduction to CALDER

Jane Hannaway

Jane Hannaway — is Principal Research Associate and Director of the Education Policy Center at the Urban Institute, and the overall Principal Investigator of the CALDER project. She has primary responsibility for the running of the center.

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